Where Did This Whale Come From?

Oceans are a very important part of our world, in fact the healthier the oceans the better off we all will be. So keeping them healthy and clean is a major concern.

Another concern is the recent death of a humpback whale that washed up in the same area of western Nova Scotia as thousands of dead fish.

While Fisheries officials say it’s to early to say whether the whales death is related to to the dead fish the investigation will continue.

Any time fish wash up dead on the beach is very concerning. But when it’s in such large numbers it must be investigated using any resources possible to solve the mystery.

The mysterious death of thousands and thousands of herring along the western Nova Scotia shore was followed by starfish, clams, mussels and lobster.

All the tests that have been conducted so far have come back negative. Officials have tested for infections, diseases, toxins, predators, and water quality issues but are no closer to finding the cause.

Biologists gathered samples of the dead fish and water, to test the oxygen levels near the beaches where the fish began washing up.

Although biologists have made some progress and ruled out several potential causes, they have still not found the actual cause. So the investigation continues.

Not only are all these dead fish a major concern for Fisheries And Oceans Canada, but also a major concern for The Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The death of all these herring affect the food chain, when you consider herring are one of the most abundant fish in the world and a major food source for numerous other species.

Herring travel in very large schools and are consumed by such predators as Cod, Salmon and Tuna. The cod, salmon and tuna are caught and sold to the consumer.

Herring are also caught by fishermen and salted or pickled and then available for purchase by the consumer.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency must make absolutely sure that the herring along with the cod, salmon and tuna are safe to eat.

Herring are not only a major food source for other fish as well as people, but are also used in the manufacturing of fish oil and meal.

Sardines are actually young herring and are caught by the thousands and canned in oil, mustard or tomato and are a very popular snack.

So as we can see it’s extremely important to make sure we take care of our oceans and all the creatures that live in it, after all it’s vital to our survival.