Canada’s Healthy Oceans Network


The Healthy Ocean Network is a Canadian network formed to safeguard marine life in the country. Canada has a wide range of marine creatures that stand a risk of extinction with the rising industrialization and mining sectors in the country.

The network that strives to be a part of is comprised of key policy makers in the sector with university researchers and government officials leading the way in efforts to conserve our oceans and the numerous living things on the ocean bed. This network brings together different marine capacities to address key issues concerning the use of biodiversity resources in our oceans without risking destruction of this important habitat.

Composition Of The Network

In numbers, this network is comprised of 150 research biodiversity scientists from 14 universities and officials from the department of fisheries and oceans provided with more than 7 government laboratories to facilitate its activities. It was all founded on a strategic basis by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) back in 2008 as a response to the then rising danger to ocean life.

Safeguarding Our Pride

Keeping in mind that Canada prides itself in having access to three oceans, it is very vital not to turn that into a curse to the large number of lives on the ocean bed. It is clear that over 70 percent of the earth is covered with water. If the world has over 8 billion people, then what about ocean life that makes up the larger part of the world? wishes to help ensure that doesn’t happen.

It is also understandable that the oceans offer a lot to Canada, ranging from oil, gas and food in the form of fish. However, in the process of accessing such natural resources we definitely disturb ecosystems.

Selfish fishing and mining behavior could deny generations a lot of ocean resources if not handled carefully.

Policy Formation

The network comes in with scientific and geographic based research findings that can inform key decision making bodies in Canada. The network’s role is to come up with policies on ocean operations that can be implemented to safely manage ocean operations.

The need to provide scientific proof in policy making cannot be ignored as this could surely impact not only the ocean, but also the entire planet. Furthermore, it has always been evident that policies made without strong scientific backup usually have a short lifespan.

This has been seen in previous cases and is due to the fact that key stakeholders become reluctant to support conservation efforts on meagre claims. If a said change in operation could really alter the manner in which activities of stakeholders are carried out, then any crisis could lead to a disaster.

Presenting The Way Forward

The Healthy Ocean Network thus brings in scientific evidence by delivering productive approaches to conservation of marine life. It also has the duty to offer viable tools that can be relied upon in new applications for better future decision making.

The networks main objective is to provide proven frameworks that can be both beneficial to all stakeholders and safeguard Canada’s interests. It additionally has the mandate to research tirelessly and present new discoveries concerning the consumption of marine products.