Where Did This Whale Come From?

Oceans are a very important part of our world, in fact the healthier the oceans the better off we all will be. So keeping them healthy and clean is a major concern.

Another concern is the recent death of a humpback whale that washed up in the same area of western Nova Scotia as thousands of dead fish.

While Fisheries officials say it’s to early to say whether the whales death is related to to the dead fish the investigation will continue.

Any time fish wash up dead on the beach is very concerning. But when it’s in such large numbers it must be investigated using any resources possible to solve the mystery.

What Are We Doing To Keep Our Oceans Healthy?

canadaEveryone knows the four essential needs of life, Air to breath, Water to drink, Food to nourish and Sleep to rejuvenate. Missing just one of these crucial needs, will result in your death. While we know the air we breath must be clean, are we doing enough to keep it that way?

The same applies to water, not only do we need clean, clear water to sustain us, but the crops we grow also rely on water. Water is everywhere – oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and streams. We use it to cook, bathe, drink and water our garden and maintain our crops. It is said about 71% of the earths surface is covered by water and the oceans hold about 96% percent of it all.

Healthy Ocean Policy In The USA


While this site is primarily about Canada’s oceans and keeping them healthy, it is interesting to note that most developed countries have their own policies regarding the health of their coastal and interior bodies of water.

The USA has the Healthy Ocean Policy (HOP). It was signed by President Obama in 2009. This policy was enacted for many reasons. While there was always a policy in place, the US really needed a new one that provided a better means to approach the coastal and ocean management issues that we face now and in the future.

Canada’s Healthy Oceans Network


The Healthy Ocean Network is a Canadian network formed to safeguard marine life in the country. Canada has a wide range of marine creatures that stand a risk of extinction with the rising industrialization and mining sectors in the country.

The network that chone.ca strives to be a part of is comprised of key policy makers in the sector with university researchers and government officials leading the way in efforts to conserve our oceans and the numerous living things on the ocean bed. This network brings together different marine capacities to address key issues concerning the use of biodiversity resources in our oceans without risking destruction of this important habitat.