Diesel Spill Off Vancouver Island

Our oceans are a very valuable resource, and anything affecting them also affects us in one way or another. Once a pollutant enters the ocean it is very difficult to remove it.

Fuel spills for example are one of the biggest catastrophe’s, not only do they affect our fish, but also birds, plants, animals and of course people.

A spill was reported a couple of days ago off the northern tip of Vancouver Island. At first it was reported 1500 litres were spilled but was later changed to 600 litres.

Whatever amount was spilled, the damage is done.

While efforts are now underway to clean it up the cost will be great not only money wise but the damage to the environment is irreparable.

The cause of this spill was a diesel pump that was left on overnight at a fish farm. All the recoverable diesel was contained to the fish farms pens. And absorbents where put in place to soak it up.

This is definitely not the end of the matter as there is still a sheen visible on the water outside the containment area. Coast guards are unable to recover this material.

There is no way this sheen can be soaked up. Chief Bob Chamberlin on the nearby island of Gilford is concerned this could affect first nations clam beds that his people depend on.

The area is very sensitive and any impact to our traditional source of food would be a critical blow to our people the chief was quoted as saying.

Some local boats from Alert Bay and Kingcome Inlet are on their way to the spill site to see the damage that has taken place. They have long been opposed to fish farms and their effect on the environment.

The oceans are not only vulnerable but also very fragile. Accidents like this have a lasting effect on the marine life as well as birds and of course the people who live off them.

Some people believe the government does not have a very large level of accountability in place. Through the lack of diligence or a lack of training accidents such as this happen to often.

There needs to be more rules and regulations in place to protect our oceans from these kinds of unacceptable accidents.

After all we have generations of people and animals left to come, that will rely on the oceans for food and therefore we must do all we can to protect them.